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OnePlus 9 RT is reportedly on the way, but not for North America or Europe

OnePlus may be getting ready to launch another variant of its 9-series phones, the 9 RT, according to an Android Central source. Based on the report, it looks to be a slightly upgraded version of the OnePlus 9R, which was launched earlier this year with more modest specs than the flagship 9 and 9 Pro. That model never made it to North America, and it seems this will also be the case for the 9 RT. Like the Nord 2. And the 9 Pro base model. But who’s keeping track?

According to Android Central, the OnePlus 9 RT will launch in October with a Snapdragon 870 processor, 120Hz OLED, a 4,500mAh battery, and OxygenOS 12 out of the box. For its main rear-facing camera, it will reportedly use the 50-megapixel sensor behind the same (very good) ultrawide as in the 9 and 9 Pro.

The OnePlus 9 RT will debut in China and India, according to Android Central, and there are no plans to make it available in North American or European markets. That’s not too surprising, and it tracks with OnePlus’ recent strategy of limiting US releases to the high-end likes of the 9 and 9 Pro, along with the budget-oriented N200 and N10 5G.

It’s possible that OnePlus sees an opportunity to gobble up some of the budget market share formerly occupied by LG and has focused its US strategy accordingly. In any case, it looks increasingly clear that bringing midrange devices like the Nord 2 and upper-midrangers like this rumored 9 RT to the US aren’t part of the company’s strategy.

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