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OWC Accelsior 4M2 – Meet the Fastest SSD from Mac Sales & OWC


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Technology advances every single day with new products and enhancements being released. Twenty years ago, computers functioned differently and slower than today, and our options to store data and sensitive information were limited. Storing 1TB of data was once unimaginable, but today, this capacity doesn’t impress anyone anymore. Below you will find out why PCWorld recommends the Accelsior 4M2 SSD, the fastest SDD on the market, available from Other World Computing (OWC), and how you can find the best offer.

The Solid State Drive (SSD) is a component used for storing persistent data on solid state flash memory. Unlike the Hard Disk Drive you won’t find any moving parts that could result in failure. Even if you drop your device, you won’t lose any data stored on your SSD, which gives it a great advantage.

They can be used both by individual users as well as enterprises and businesses to store large amounts of data. They can also be combined with servers to ensure faster reading and writing speeds. SSDs are also used by mobile devices since they don’t consume a lot of power, making them an ideal data source for tablets and laptops. When choosing an SSD, pay attention to three key factors: game loading speed, boot time, and prices. Shop worry-free with our OWC promo codes on PCWorld – but more about that later.

The Accelsior 4M2 is the fastest SSD currently on the market. It comes with DIY installation instructions, which makes it easy even for non-tech users to install. It reaches up to 6,000MB/s, which makes it the perfect SSD for editing large formats of videos and at the same time, it is also the best solution for heavy gamers. You can easily store numerous games and enjoy playtime with superior video quality.

OWC’s Accelsior works flawlessly and is compatible with Mac Pro 2019, Mac Pro 2012, and Mac Pro 2010, as well as with PC towers. When you purchase this SSD, you will receive a 5-year warranty plus free delivery on your order. Its other advantages include fanless cooling, which you can barely hear, and a boot within seconds.

You can purchase the Accelsior with four storage options, ranging from 1-8TB, based on your needs. With the following storage possibilities, OWC’s Accelsior will most likely become the preferred solution for smaller- and middle-sized businesses, if it hasn’t already. Right now, OWC has these four options:

Last but not least, the Accelsior 4M2 also comes with SoftRAID, which facilitates easy drive management. It will help you manage the drive space and maximize it whenever necessary. Create volumes to organise your data and set your speed preference. SoftRAID is 86% faster compared to AppleRAID on Mac devices. There are also disk certificate checks on which check your disks in advance before you have stored any data. Another perk of SoftRAID is that it can help predict any possible disk failure before it has occurred.

We can keep listing Accelsior’s advantages as the list goes on and on, but the above should have given you a decent picture of why this SSD is the fastest and most secure choice of SSD out there. Don’t forget about the unbeatable speed of up to 6,000MB/s, making it perfect for professional gamers. Don’t forget to check out PCWorld’s coupon codes for available discounts on SSD solutions and other OWC products, where you can find discounts up to 90% off.

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