Tuesday , August 31 2021

Podcast: Google makes its own chip for the Pixel 6, plus how to make hybrid work successful

Google announced that its new system on a chip, called Tensor, will power the upcoming the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. Google says Tensor will improve the Pixel’s camera system and its speech recognition abilities, among other things. The company’s shift away from Qualcomm to Tensor follows Apple’s path of making its own silicon. Macworld executive editor Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis join Juliet to discuss what this shift means for Google, and how the Pixel 6 will compare to the iPhone 13. Then, Computerworld managing editor for features Val Potter and writer Charlotte Trueman will join the show to explain how to intentionally create a successful hybrid work environment. As companies in some parts of the world craft plans to return to the office, the majority say they will permit hybrid work in some capacity. While companies are now used to employees working remotely, fostering an intentionally hybrid-first work is another strategy entirely. Val, Charlotte and Juliet will discuss how to successfully implement a hybrid-first policy and the consequences of waiting too long to do so.

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