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Prep to earn 3 top project manager certifications for just $25


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When it comes to business, project managers are key. They keep products rolling out on time, operations running at peak efficiency, and profits at maximum potential. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re paid so well ― salaries can eclipse $100,000 annually for some professionals. If this is an occupation you’ve considered exploring but never had the time or cash to devote to college training, then the Project Management Certifications Tests and Courses Bundle may be the perfect solution.

This web-based education package, valued at $199.70, offers students a way to learn leading project management skills using methods that are both flexible and affordable. It includes three courses that’ll introduce you to advanced skills, but lets you do it on your own time and schedule. And, when you’re done, you’ll have the prerequisite knowledge to be able to ace three separate industry-recognized certification exams so you’ll easily prove your worth to employers.

Students will learn, among other things, the foundations of project management. They’ll discover common processes, get familiar with the terminology, and be introduced to a variety of advanced management methodologies. And each course is delivered by WhizLabs, a leader in web-based education, whose clients include large and established companies like Cisco, Bloomberg, Accenture, and more.  

Stuck at home for the summer? If so, then this course could, at the very least, be a great way to pass the time. Even if you have no desire of becoming a project management professional, you can still take away skills that are easily transferable to other occupations. And who knows? If your current career loses its luster somewhere down the road, then you’ll have a highly employable skill to fall back on.

Certificate training opportunities are usually pretty expensive. But not this one. Prepare to earn your CAPM, PMP, and PMI-RMP certifications and start a career in a growing industry with the Project Management Certifications Tests and Courses Bundle, discounted to $24.99. 

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