Data Edge Consults Ltd will provide The client with the IT Managed Services.

As part of this Agreement Data Edge Consults Ltd will provide a dedicated technical account manager whose responsibility will be to work with Client management to determine an appropriate technology strategy for Client and to meet with Client management on service level acceptability, current issues and to plan proactive work on an agreed upon periodic basis. Data Edge Consults Ltd will keep an accounting of service and provide Client with a periodic report.

Upgrading or replacing hardware or software normally requires on-site service. Fees do not include the cost of new or replacement hardware, software, cabling or other equipment that may be required to perform services under this agreement. Client will be quoted a price for new or replacement equipment prior to installation, and will sign a work order therefore and be billed separately.

Additional Services:

Data Edge Consults Ltd shall, in addition to the standard services identified above, provide Third Party Software Support Coordination.

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