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Everybody should shield their PCs and other sensitive electronics with a surge protector. Today, Amazon is selling them at enticingly low prices.

Protect your electronics from power spikes for cheap in Amazon’s 1-day surge protector sale



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Winter is here, and while most of the country isn’t worried about thunder and lightning right now, power outages from snow and ice storms are still possible. That’s why even in the frigid season it’s a good time to invest in a solid surge protector. Today, Amazon is throwing a one-day blowout sale on APC surge protectors and uninterruptible power suppliesRemove non-product link. These are great not only because of the ultra-low prices, but because APC also offers a connected equipment protection policy that will cover any of your gear that gets damaged if your surge protector fails. 

The sale ends just before midnight on Monday evening Pacific time. Here are our top three picks from the sale.

First up is the APC smart plug surge protector for $29, down about $20 from its more recent price of $49. This power strip/surge protector has six outlets, three of which are Amazon Alexa-compatible smart plugs. That means you can use Alexa voice to turn on or off anything that’s plugged into the power strip if you have an Amazon Echo. The protectors comes in black or white.

Next is the APC 10-outlet surge protector and power strip for $20 instead of $30. This surge protector also has two USB ports for charging. Finally, we have the cheapest option, the APC Wall Pivot Plug surge protector for $17, down from $27. This surge protector plugs directly into the wall instead of sitting on the floor, it has four rotating outlets, and two USB ports for charging.

If these don’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out the fuller sale, which offers surge protectors as low as $11. And if you’re wondering what to look for while you’re shopping, our guide to the best surge protectors includes plenty of buying advice, as well as our top picks.

[Today’s deal: APC surge protector and UPS one-day sale on Amazon.Remove non-product link]

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