Wednesday , September 8 2021

Save 66% on a Sam’s Club membership package

This discount means the membership could pay for itself pretty quickly.

Families know the easiest way to save money is to buy in bulk when you can. And if you live in an area with multiple quality bulk stores, you’re extremely fortunate. What most of these stores have in common is a membership system: You pay for a membership and, in return, get access to some pretty amazing discounts throughout the store. All you have to do is some quick math to decide if the membership is worth the savings you get on the items you would buy most. And that math gets a lot easier when Groupon offers a one-year Sam’s Club membership package for $25.

Many people who regularly shop at Sam’s Club would say a $75 membership package would be worth it for a whole year of savings. But this deal is obviously better. By dropping a standard membership package to $25 (or one with more Member’s Mark extras to $35), this membership can quickly pay for itself. In addition, you receive complimentary food and gift cards to encourage you to buy more than just your regular household needs. 

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