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Save thousands on pro CompTIA certification training today


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The current pandemic has ushered in a wave of significant changes. Now, more people are working from home, and many brick and mortar businesses are transitioning to the web. 

Indeed, we could be standing at the threshold of a new reality where technology plays an even greater role in the day-to-day. So, if you work in IT or had planned to in the near future, it’d be smart to pad your resume with as much training and certifications as you can right now, so you’ll be prepared for what’s likely coming down the road.

This brings us to The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle. This training package offers an ideal way to ramp up your career as an IT pro, and for a fraction of what you’d usually spend on training. Worth upwards of $3,000, the training package is on sale now for only $69.

Pay a one-time enrollment fee, and you’ll enjoy lifetime access to fourteen different courses, all centered around preparing you to earn specific certifications from CompTIA, a trusted name in the world of IT certifications.

Whether you have aspirations of being an IT generalist with CompTIA A+ or you want something a little more specialized, such as your Security+, CASP, or Project+ certifications, this package will prepare you to ace the requisite exams with flying colors.

When you consider all the changes that are probably looming, training now seems like an ideal proposition. And, with many of us just sitting around at home, now is the perfect time. So get proactive and start embracing change by getting The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle, offered to readers for just $69.

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