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Save time browsing through your inbox for $26 with Clean Email


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Our inboxes are flooded with emails at 6 AM sharp, and the outpour won’t end until you leave work at the end of the day. Some emails are more important than others, and some are just junk that crowds your inbox. Sorting through a mountain of emails is the last thing we want to do first thing in the morning, but Clean Email will save you time and effort for just $30. From now until 12/25, you can save an extra 15% with code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

Clean Email is a service that uses powerful rules and filters to sort through your inbox. This helps segment your emails into easily digestible groups such as Protected, Friends and Family, Coworkers, and more. Clean Email will also identify and eliminate unimportant emails. You can take your inbox management further by applying smart views, which provide a quick illustration of the types of emails you’re receiving. Finally, you can use Clean Email to unsubscribe you from pesky marketing lists that do nothing but congest your inbox.

The quicker you sort through your pile of emails every morning, the sooner you can focus on what matters. You can get a lifetime subscription to Clean Email today for just $26 with code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

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