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Score New Sale Styles for Up to 50% Off at Adidas

There are new clothes, shoes and accessories on sale to help you achieve an effortless athleisure wear look for less.

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An Adidas markdown sale of this kind does not come along very often, but it has today. If you’re ready to level up your athletic gear, you can get up to 50% off clothing, shoes and accessories right now through May 4

You’ll find shirts, shoes and accessories like duffel and tote bags. There are clothes for women, men and children in several styles, as well as a unisex section for accessories that anyone can wear. As for prices, the most affordable item are these $8 socks and the most expensive is this $240 resort three-in-one jacket for women.

Shoes are a great choice because some have big discounts. Check out the women’s training shoe Edge Lux 4 for $51 (save $34). You can also find steals on clothing, but some don’t have major price drops, and accessories can go either way. Only some bags, for example, are reasonably priced, including this modern utility three-way bag for $63 (save $27). 

My advice is to go into this deal with an idea of what you want. If you’re browsing, stick with the items that are under $50, or within the $50 to $100 range. Not only will you get more options, you’ll also cut out the more expensive prices. 

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