Tuesday , August 31 2021
Wet Dry Vac

Score this 14-gallon wet/dry vac for $99 today

Everyone needs a good wet/dry vac, but you don’t have to pay a ton for one.

A good shop vac is something you either use constantly or really wish you had handy in an emergency. If you’re in the latter category, it can seem unnecessary to spend the money on a new wet/dry vac if you’re not going to use it on a regular basis. They are, after all, much larger and less maneuverable than a standard vac and not easy to get around your average house. No matter who you are, owning a wet/dry vac is something you’re very happy to have if you already own one, but considerably less happy to pay full price for in an emergency. That’s why today’s 29% discount on this shop vac by Rigid is such a great deal. 

This Rigid wet/dry vac, now $99, can hold 14 gallons of material and comes with a ton of tools for cleaning out just about any area, including a car-detailing kit so your ride always looks fresh. The 20-foot power cable ensures you can plug in just about anywhere and still get a large area cleaned up, and the pop tabs on the sides make it easier to empty the canister body than most. If you’re looking to replace your existing wet/dry vac or you see this deal as a way to be prepared, this is a great opportunity.

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