Wednesday , July 6 2022

Sling TV coming to all existing Echo Show devices

During its big hardware and announcement event today, Amazon revealed some exciting news for those of us who prefer linear viewing: Sling TV is coming to all existing Echo Show devices.

Amazon said during the event that the Echo Show will soon have support for live and linear viewing through the Sling TV app. Support will also extend to the new wall-mounted Echo Show 15, which could change the way users interact with their devices. Support for Sling TV will make the Show work more like a traditional television, particularly in rooms like kitchens where space might be tight.

Once the app becomes widely available on Echo Show devices, users will be able to ask Alexa to tune in to their favorite channels. (Sling TV includes on-demand series and movies as well.) To use the app on their Echo Show, users will need to subscribe to one of Sling’s live TV packages, which start at $35 dollars per month.

Amazon confirmed to The Verge that Sling TV will arrive on all Echo Show devices in the US soon.

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