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It's only a matter of time until Nintendo's lawyers shoot it down

Someone ported Super Mario 64 to play in a browser (again)

Super Mario 64 is the first videogame I can remember really playing seriously, and at the time its 3D world and movement was a technological marvel.

Now you can play one of Nintendo‘s best from pretty much any modern Bowser browser — as if it were something as basic as Pong or Tetris. That’s technology for you.

Mario 64 in a browserMario 64 in a browser

Someone managed to stick what appears to be a complete version of Mario 64 in a browser (via NintendoLife, PureXbox). And apparently, it’s been around since April and somehow Nintendo has not managed to take it down yet. It seems to work with a variety of modern browsers — both desktop and mobile.

In fact, the reason I learned about it in the first place is that PureXbox pointed out the game works in the Xbox’s browser:

You can use either a keyboard or a Bluetooth controller to play the game. There’s no way to customize the controls that I can see, but the game feels pretty responsive even using a keyboard. You can also save your progress too, so it can serve as more than a casual one-time escapade.

Of course, if you want to experience the game properly, the best way is probably to just buy Super Mario All-Stars for the Switch. Or, you know, find a Nintendo 64.  It’s a game I’ve returned to every few years because it remains one of the most joyful expressions of 3D movement in gaming.

Truth be told, this isn’t the first time Mario 64 has shown up in a browser; there was even a Unity-powered HD remake for a while back in 2016, but that was a single level. The fact that this site has managed to stay up since at least April is rather impressive, but I imagine the renewed attention means Nintendo will see that it doesn’t stay up for much longer.

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