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Sonos raises prices for majority of products amid supply chain crunch

Sonos has announced that many of its speakers will be getting a price increase, ranging from $10 more for its portable Roam, to $100 more for its Arc soundbar. The company says that the price increases are making good on a promise it made during a call with investors last month, and that the increases would be going into effect on Sunday, September 12th. (We’ve reached out to Sonos to clarify if there’s a specific time the increase will happen.) You can see a table with all the price changes below.

During its earnings call, Sonos cited both supply and demand factors in its decision to raise prices. In a statement to The Verge, the company said it’s “always assessing market dynamics — including demand, supply chain, component costs and the competitive landscape.” This seems to imply that the current chip shortage has something to do with these price increases, at least in part. That would also imply that the increased prices will be around for a while: some industry leaders predict that the shortage, which has affected cars, consoles, and computers, will last at least through next year, if not beyond.

Sonos’ announcement doesn’t give consumers a lot of time to decide whether they want to purchase one of the company’s speakers before the prices go up.

Sonos September 12th price increases

Product Current price Price as of 9/12 Price increase
Product Current price Price as of 9/12 Price increase
One $199.00 $219.00 $20.00
One SL $179.00 $199.00 $20.00
Five $499.00 $549.00 $50.00
Roam $169.00 $179.00 $10.00
Move $399.00 $399.00 $0.00
Arc $799.00 $899.00 $100.00
Sub $699.00 $749.00 $50.00
Port $449.00 $449.00 $0.00
Amp $649.00 $699.00 $50.00
Boost $99.00 $99.00 $0.00

Not every product will be more expensive.

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