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Apple charges 40% more for its comparable cable.

Stock up on USB-C to Lightning cables with this $12 cable from Anker


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As an iPhone or iPad user, you can never have too many Lightning cables. They always seem to get lost or broken, or left in a hotel room, or someone takes the one you had at your desk at work, or…

If you use USB-C chargers to fast-charge your iPhone, you’re probably acutely aware of the relative lack of USB-C to Lightning cables in your life. And Apple wants $19 for a single 3-foot cable or $35 for a 6-foot cable.

That’s why this Black Friday deal is so tempting. Anker is selling its MFi-certified 3-foot USB-C to Lightning cableRemove non-product link for only $11.46. That’s for the white cable, if you want a black one it’s $11.99. That’s 25% less than the usual price, and even a few bucks lower than the previous best sale price we could find. It’s also 40% less than Apple charges for its cable of the same length.

There are lots of terrible Lightning cables out there, but this isn’t one of those no-name cables you find at the drug store checkout stand. Anker’s cables are MFi certified and more durable than most of those cheap knock-offs. It’s even backed by a lifetime warranty.

[Week-long deal: MFi-certified 3-foot USB-C to Lightning cable on AmazonRemove non-product link.]

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