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The GoSun Chill Solar Cooler means no ice necessary. And with solar panels, it’s really a mobile fridge

TLDR: With the GoSun Chill Solar Cooler, you can enjoy cool food and beverages anywhere, without the ice. And you can add on cool solar attachments to power the whole thing.

Packing up a cooler for a day at the beach or a weekend in the woods always sounds like a great idea. Of course, that usually requires liberal chunks of ice to help make sure everything stays cools. Which cuts down on what you can actually pack while adding several extra pounds you have to lug around. And you better keep an eye on all that ice because once it starts to melt, everything inside is going to turn into a soggy mess.

The GoSun Chill Solar Cooler ($635, 15 percent off, from TNW Deals) eliminates all those issues by doing the smart thing: eliminating the ice. 

Thankfully, this sturdy enclosure doesn’t need it, packing an internal power bank that keeps the contents cool all on its own. Without all that ice, you’re freed up to pack almost twice the contents of a regular cooler, all in a package that keeps your food and drinks cooler longer. It’s not even so much a cooler as it is a portable refrigerator.

Temperature control features can modulate the internal conditions from 68°F down to -4°F, low enough to not only not need ice, but to actually make some. The power bank not only powers the cooler, but can also be used to power all your other devices as well with connections to plug in your phone, tablet, laptop, or other power-hungry device.

While that PowerBank+ can recharge via AC adapter or 12V cord, the smartest way to keep your foodstuff chilled is with the attachable solar energy provided by either the 30-watt solar panels ($799 with the cooler), or the 60-watt solar table version ($899). Either variety just flips open for direction at the sun, which will usually charge the cooler almost as fast as a standard AC wall outlet charger.

In any configuration, the GoSun Chill Solar Cooler is a perfect travel companion for virtually any adventure.

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