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These headphones help you to remain present

The open-ear Shokz OpenRun are $20 off at Amazon

If you do a lot of outdoor activities, be it riding a bicycle, walking, or anything else, it may be a good idea to, for safety purposes, invest in headphones that don’t completely cut you off from hearing the sounds of the world. One of the best values right now is the OpenRun from Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz), an unconventional-looking set of headphones. Normally $129.95 at Amazon, they’re $109.95 in black, blue, grey, or red colorways.

These connect and operate like regular wireless headphones. But instead of covering your ears, the OpenRun leave them, well, open and instead deliver sound through bones near your ears — and it works surprisingly well. In case you were curious, these are the successor to the AfterShokz Aeropex, a model that I reviewed and that former Verge bike enthusiast Dieter Bohn really liked. The Shokz website says that, in fact, the OpenRun are “Aeropex with quick charge.”

Shokz OpenRun

  • $110
  • $130
  • 16% off

These open-ear headphones deliver sound via bone conduction instead of covering your ears, helping you to remain present during indoor and outdoor activities. They have IP67 resistance to dust and water.

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