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There’s finally a communication app tailormade for on-the-go teams. Try it free.

One of the hardest things for employers to do is keep up with the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. More than ever, teams are using multiple devices to do their work on the go — and for workforces that are dispersed, it can be difficult to get on the same page for key objectives and initiatives. 

That’s where Eko comes in: this performance-boosting platform is built for mobile workforces, combining communications, process management, task management, e-learning and HR functionalities into one easy-to-use app. Ideal for remote teams, retail and hospitality, this app streamlines everything frontline staff needs to be successful into one helpful tool. 

Unlike other collaboration-centric apps that rely on integrations to function, Eko comes with everything built-in, including creating expense reports, delegating tasks and even managing goals and KPIs. That means no paperwork or relying on integration with outside apps — this swiss army knife of an app can do it all. 

Eko supports group chat and live voice/video calls, helps engage employees through recognition and rewards, digitizes processes from paid leave to weekly performance reviews and more — all with 256-bit encryption along with GDPR compliance functionalities so your data stays secure. And while Eko is built for mobile, you can also use it as a desktop app. 

The result is a team that communicates more cohesively and is managed more seamlessly — meaning less attrition and more operational efficiency for the long-term. 

There’s three different pricing plans to fit your various needs:

Learn more about Eko by visiting their website — sign up for a free demo here. 

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