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These $140 true wireless earbuds are just $60 right now


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True wireless earbuds, when compared to their wired counterparts, are convenient. But these AirSounds MAX, which offer an incredible set of cutting-edge features, take it up a notch. And since you can pick up a pair at 57 percent off the MSRP, they’re easy on the pocketbook too.

Simply put your AirSounds MAX into your ears and go. After your initial set up, that’s literally all there is to it. They pair automatically to your device, start playing your soundtrack as soon as you put them in your ears, and they even pause your tunes when you remove them. When you couple these features with their ultra modern Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and noise-cancelling tech, you’ve got a set of earbuds that’s sure to stand the test of time.

AirSounds MAX come packaged with a portable charging case that’ll let you listen for hours on end. They’re water resistant, ergonomic, and even work with Siri as well as Google Assistant. They normally retail for about $140 but, right now, you can save big time and pick up a set for just $59.99 so they’re an incredible value.

Prices are subject to change.

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