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The 23andMe Health + Ancestry service is a low of $99 today, down from a list price of $199. The Ancestry + Traits package is $79, down from $99.

These 23andMe DNA tests are up to 50% off today



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23andMe has been the popular choice for people looking to learn more about their genetic makeup. DNA testing can demand a hefty price tag, but today you can choose from two discounted options on Amazon. First off, the 23andMe Health + Ancestry service is a low of $99Remove non-product link today, down from a list price of $199.

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This 23andMe package gives you more than 125 genetic reports on your health, including reports on health predispositions, wellness, carrier status, and traits. And, just as 23andMe is known for, this service will also give you personalized ancestry reports, including ones on composition, detail, neanderthal ancestry, DNA relative finder, and more.

Meanwhile, the Ancestry + Traits service is $79Remove non-product link today, down from a list price of $99. This service won’t give you the health-related reports, but you’ll still be able to get a good idea of your ancestry, including where your ancestors came from across the globe. You can also connect with people with whom you share DNA via the app, so you can possibly find family you never knew you had.

Whether you’re giving it as a gift or getting it to satisfy your own curiosity, these DNA ancestry tests can give a whole lot of handy information, and today’s prices make them even cooler. Please read our review of 23andMe’s basic ancestry service. We love it, and gave it an Editors’ Choice award.

[ Today’s deals: 23andMe Health + Ancestry for $99Remove non-product link and Ancestry + Traits for $79Remove non-product link. ]

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