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These 5 ebooks guide you through the steps for designing and creating a great product

TLDR: The Fundamentals of Product Design eBook Bundle by O’Reilly features five books detailing the steps for creating successful products that people want to buy.

Design is often a very ephemeral thing. A creator builds a website or an app or another web experience based on an almost instinctual feel for what looks good, what works well, and what they think users will enjoy and embrace.

While that innate design sense is probably what got them started in web development in the first place, they undoubtedly refined that feeling over the years through some hard-won practical experience. Because for every intuition and gut sense of how a digital product should work, there’s some practical boots-on-the-ground real data to back up or disprove those notions.

You can separate the fact from the opinion with an instant reference library in the form of the Fundamentals of Product Design eBook Bundle by O’Reilly. Over $175 worth of foundational product creation experience is on sale now at almost 90 percent off the regular price at just $19.99.

For a first time designer or even someone who wants to brush up on their skill set, this collection of five eBooks covers it all, offering insight on improving user experience, conducting UX research, refining design fundamentals, and more.

The training can begin with Designing Products People Love, which includes a full exploration of every step in the product creation pipeline. Guided by some of the top product designers working today, this 433-page book written for designers, product managers, and other professionals offers insight into exactly who your customers are, what they want, and the steps to build products that satisfy your chosen audience.

From that starting point, the remaining books go deeper into some of the other key points any digital creator needs to remember. That includes how to use A/B testing to make data-driven decisions for settling on the right choices both big and small, as well as a well-established framework for doing your own product research.

You’ll also find in-depth examples of the impact of bad design on your projects and even the proper steps for building and leading design teams within an organization.

Each ebook in the Fundamentals of Product Design eBook Bundle by O’Reilly is valued between $33.99 and $42.99, but when you scoop up all five books together as part of this deal, the price drops to just $19.99 for the complete collection. 

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