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These cloud storage services are still offering Black Friday pricing


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If you keep your files on a hard drive, then be prepared to kiss them goodbye. Even the best hard drives eventually fail, taking everything stored within them in the process. If you want a more secure way to store your files, then check out these deals on safe cloud storage solutions.

Polar Cloud Backup: 5TB Lifetime Subscription

Keep your files safe from harm with Polar Cloud Backup. Simply send your files to their cloud-based servers for permanent storage and access them any time you please. Their service is compatible with all PC and Mac computers, you’ll enjoy full control over every single file, and it’s all protected using 256 bit AES encryption so you’ll never be compromised. 

Regular Price: $990.00
Today: $99.99

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: 2TB Lifetime Subscription

ThunderDrive’s Lifetime Pro Subscription offers a massive amount of cloud-based space — 2TB in fact — to store all your documents, photos, videos, and more. And, since it’s compatible with almost every platform out there, you can access them across your devices from anywhere, anytime. Just select your file and download. It’s really as simple as that. 

Regular Price: $1200.00
Sale Price: $59
Today: $39

Degoo Premium: Lifetime 1TB Backup Plan

Degoo Premium provides an ample amount of cloud space to store your files. They’ll be easily accessible to you across all your devices, and kept secure from hackers thanks to their 256-bit AES encryption. Simply back up your files on a regular basis and, should you ever suffer a catastrophic loss, you can easily restore your file system to like-new condition.

Regular Price: $900.00
Sale Price: $49.00

Prices subject to change.

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