Wednesday , September 1 2021
sling cooler

These sling coolers let you bring cold cans with you to the beach for only $12

One of the most convenient way to bring drinks anywhere is so cheap today.

Big coolers are obnoxious. They’re not easy to carry to most places, they’re not fun to clean up if something goes wrong and they take up too much room in the car. If you’re only bringing a six-pack or two, you don’t need a big plastic cooler. Neoprene sling coolers let you put six drinks in, throw it over your shoulder and enjoy a cold drink anywhere. And if you grab them today, you can pick up two of them for $12. 

Sling coolers are pretty simple. This deal gets you a pair of camo-colored neoprene cases branded with Ducks Unlimited and Realtree Camo respectively. You can fit six standard cans in here, then zip them up and toss the bag over your shoulder. It’s a simple system, and the neoprene case will keep cold drinks cold for a decent amount of time. And if you want to add ice, you can, though it’ll melt before too long. 

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