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This $30 app helps cut distractions out of your daily browsing


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It’s easy to waste away the day on social media or your favorite news site. Focus for macOS helps you stay productive by blocking those sites and apps. You can get the Unlimited plan now for $29.99, saving 76% on the full price.

Most of us have battled with procrastination at some point. If willpower alone is not working, you might want to try Focus. This app blocks your favorite time-wasters during working hours and provides an array of productivity tools, including a Pomodoro timer. 

Focus can block websites in all major web browsers, replacing the content with a motivational quote. It can also block apps and games, so you can’t sneak into Fortnite. The app lives in your menu bar, and you can control the important features via a drop-down menu. Via the settings, you can create a whitelist, multiple schedules, custom quotes, and even some scripts.

In a nutshell, Focus helps you create the perfect online workspace that’s free from distractions.

It’s worth $129, but you can get Focus Unlimited now for $29.99.

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