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This app translates text, voice, images, and more in 110+ languages


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Has the internet truly made the world smaller? It’s true that the world wide web can instantly bring you closer to people from around the world. But in most cases, there’s one big hurdle to navigate before you can truly connect with someone from another culture: Language.

And sure, Google Translate and other web-based tools can help you bridge that gap, but even with phrases you find online, it’s not an instant solution. Nevermind how clunky it is when you’re trying to communicate with a native speaker face to face.

The technology to translate text and audio more quickly is out there, but it’s a shame that few apps have put it together in a way that helps travelers or business folk communicate on the fly. One piece of software that does seem to have all the features is the LingvaNex Translator, a language app that really does help you understand languages instantly – no matter what their source.

Like any translation website, LingvaNex can render almost any language intelligible from text on a webpage. That includes documents in a range of formats, from Word to PDF. If you need to speak that newfound phrase, you can get the translation or original language instantly in an audio file.

But here’s the great news for travelers: It can also work on printed text in the real world, on any surface. Just point your camera at the phrase and get a readout right away. Holding a conversation with a stranger or ordering food? LingvaNex is just as effective at translating audio. It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS or Android and comes with a range of special features for each. You can even bookmark translated sites or dive deeper with alternate meanings for tricky words, teaching yourself that new tongue as you go.

Travel might be on hold for now, but when the world re-opens, you’ll be more than prepared for your next venture abroad with LingvaNex at your disposal. And, now might just be the best time to get it since it’s on sale for 80% off.

See why the app is racking up raves on the App Store and other outlets including Product Hunt: A lifetime subscription to LingvaNex is $79.99, a full 80% off the retail price.

Prices are subject to change.

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