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This Blade X 4K drone has a pair of HD cameras, motion gesture piloting — and it’s less than $90

TLDR: With a pair of HD cameras and a vast array of flight features, the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone is a stellar aircraft, especially at a price under $100.

From real estate pictures to adventuring to filmmaking, the capabilities of a drone in the minds of an inventive thinker are positively enormous. And now that crafts are standardizing and loading up with features so quickly, the sky is quickly becoming the limit for everything from business uses to flat out fun.

The Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone ($89, 55 percent off, from TNW Deals) is a prime example of a modern drone: ridiculously smooth flight, crystal clear images, absolute portability and a price that edges out of the deal range into out and out steal territory.

For first timer flyers to experienced pilots, the Blade X is an easy aircraft to get off the ground fast. Once your controller is synced to your smartphone, this compact drone folds out to over 6 inches across as this headless craft takes to the skies with a single button push. With various speed control and flight aerobatic features, you can zip this drone through its paces in a flurry, or just chill out and let the gesture control feature take over, allowing flight navigation through just hand motions. Plus, the electronic stabilization system can lock the craft into any spot in the air, all while the optimized waypoint flight abilities offer a panoramic 360-degree view.

Speaking of the view, you can either watch it live streamed through your phone or record all those gorgeous images in all its 4K splendor with the front facing camera capable of video 4 times sharper than 1080p HD resolution. And just in case you aren’t capturing the particular angle you want, there’s also a bottom-facing 720p camera as well, offering a variety of angles whether you’re shooting still images or spectacular aerial video.

The entire craft folds up into its own carrying case, along with a battery that can keep you flying for up to 12 minutes on a single charge.

While aircraft like the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone are routinely in the big boy toys price category, this one is now over 50 percent off, dropping your final price to the sub-$100 range at just $89.

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