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The catch, of course, is that you'll need to be a Costco member to take advantage of this deal.

This Costco 1440p/144Hz HDR monitor is basically a steal at $249 and 50 percent off for Cyber Monday


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Note: Due to an excess of Thanksgiving turkey, this Cyber Monday deal was published early, sourced from Costco’s Black Friday mailer. If you’re seeing this before Monday, don’t worry! It starts Monday.

It’s rare when you can find a monitor the pairs a high refresh rate with high bandwidth, and throws in HDR to boot. But that’s where we are with Costco’s $249.99 sale price on the LG 32GK850F-BRemove non-product link display, which essentially takes half off the $499 regular price.

The specs on this monitor are outstanding: it’s a 31.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display, with a 144Hz refresh rate, and is listed as HDR400 compatible. It’s also AMD FreeSync 2 compliant, and Amaazon owners report that it works just fine with their Nvidia graphics cards, as well. While the Costco description doesn’t really go into a lot of detail on the stand, it appears its has both tilt and swivel modes, so you can rotate it into a portrait mode if you plan to use it as a secondary monitor to save from desk space.

The LG 32GK850-F uses a VA panel, which blends the advantages of TN and IPS panels, allowing high frame rates while still largely offering decent color reproduction. It puts out 320 nits, which isn’t terrifically high, but over the 260 nits we consider comfortable. VA panels have gained a reputation as being rather slow to refresh, though; in this case, LG’s touting “response time that is virtually 1ms,” although you can take that as you will. Additional features include pre-programmed gaming modes and a “crosshairs” mode for first-person shooters.

The monitor has a pair of HDMI ports and a DisplayPort connection, though even the manufacturer’s Web site doesn’t seem to want to list the exact specs of each. Users seem very happy with it, though. There are no integrated speakers.

In any case, the combination of all of the other features — 1440p at 144Hz resolution, makes this a splendid deal. And on Black Friday, Amazon was selling this display for $419, which goes to show you that if you’re looking for a high-quality monitor at a solid price, you might want to pounce on this.

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