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This pocket-sized AI-powered translator device is already 40% off for Black Friday


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What’s keeping you from traveling to another country to fulfill your wanderlust? For most people, it’s not understanding the local language, and it’s easy to see why. If you don’t understand the language, you might order the wrong item on a menu, ask for the wrong directions, or worse. Luckily, you don’t need to learn an entire language just to travel. In fact, the ONE Mini makes it possible to have full conversations with locals with the click of a button.

The ONE Mini is a multilingual assistant that fits in your pocket. Using AI translation and live interpretation, the ONE Mini allows you to have real-time conversations with foreign-language speakers in 12 different languages, including Chinese and French. For example, if you’re visiting a cafe in Spain, you can order a cup of coffee in English, and the ONE Mini will relay the order in Spanish. Your waiter can answer you in Spanish, which the ONE Mini will translate back into English. 

The ONE Mini also contains features that make it a great study partner. Using smart recording, you can capture for future playback. Recordings can be translated using speech-to-text using the ONE Mini. Conversely, you can use the ONE Mini’s text-to-speech to produce live audio translations. 

With the ONE Mini, it’s easier than ever to converse with foreign-language speakers. You can grab it on sale in black, silver, red, or green for just $59—that’s 40% off the usual $99 price.

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