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This suitcase-sized power station is designed to get you through a blackout

Zendure’s latest “portable” charger is the SuperBase Pro 2000, a hulking power station equipped with a 2,096Wh battery that’s designed to get you through everything from a camping trip to a blackout. Weighing in at 46.5 pounds (21.2kg), it’s only portable in the technical sense of the word — you’re much more likely to use its built-in handle to wheel it around like a rollable suitcase. It’s launching on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $1,299.

We’ve generally liked Zendure’s more portable chargers designed for smaller devices like phones and laptops, and this isn’t the first time it’s offered a beefier power station for more power-hungry electronics (competitors Aukey and Anker sell similar units). But what sets the SuperBase Pro 2000 apart is its sheer power capacity, which is measured in thousands of watt-hours rather than hundreds, and the fact it can be charged in just two hours.

Its battery capacity means you can keep a 65W mini fridge running for over 24 hours, recharge a 13-inch MacBook 32 times, or 148 times for an iPhone 12, Zendure says.

It also seems pretty versatile. Zendure says there are half a dozen ways to charge the SuperBase Pro, ranging from a standard AC outlet to solar panels, portable generators, or from a car. There are 14 ports for drawing power, including six AC outlets and four USB-C ports. The AC outlets can output 2,000W (4,000W surge capability), meaning they can power household appliances like kettles, toasters, and even hairdryers. It’s also equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD display, and even LTE connectivity to allow the power station to be controlled remotely.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 starts at $1,299 for its cheapest early-bird pricing, and a regular price of $2,299. There’s also a cheaper SuperBase Pro 1500, which has a smaller 1,456Wh battery and has an early-bird price of $999 (standard price $1,999). Finally, Zendure is selling portable solar panels with a standard price of $599.

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