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Tips, tricks, apps and advice for getting the most out of iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Macs, Windows 10 PCs, and Chromebooks.

Tips for new tech devices


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Tech gear is a perennially popular holiday gift. If you’re the proud owner of a new phone, tablet, computer or other device — or you provide tech support for family and friends with new devices — we’re here to help.

Check out and share these stories, which can help you get the most out of a new Android or iOS device, Chromebook, Mac, or Windows PC.

Our Android expert highlights the standout apps in the categories that matter most to busy professionals: office apps, privacy and security apps, email and texting apps, note-taking apps, apps for team collaboration, apps for organizing your life, and more.

Android 10 may be the talk of the town, but for the vast majority of phones right now, Android 9 — better known as Pie — is still the most current software available. And it’s not too late to make the most of it.

Got a phone that shipped with Android 10? Fly around the device with these easy-to-miss advanced shortcuts for Google’s latest gesture system.

New phone didn’t come with Android 10? Try out two of the new OS’s most interesting and elusive elements on any Android device.

Here’s everything you need to successfully switch from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or any other Android device.

Trimming back your Android data use can save you or your employer a bundle on your phone bill — and with little downside. So what are you waiting for?

Moving files from your Android device to a Windows PC or Mac (and vice versa) doesn’t have to be difficult — or dependent on any cloud services.

Make sure all your important data is always synced and protected with this easy-to-follow Android backup guide.

Handle paper documents like a pro with this simple guide to Android printing and scanning.

Android security doesn’t have to be a source of stress. These level-headed steps are all you need to keep the boogeyman at bay.

Find even more Android security tips and techniques, along with a healthy dose of clear-eyed analysis, at this comprehensive collection of resources.

We’ve compiled a list of Qi-enabled chargers — including the Google Pixel Stand — for wirelessly charging an iPhone or Android device.

Want to charge more than one device at a time? Check out these wireless chargers.

With just a handful of easy adjustments, your Android phone can become a lean, mean productivity machine.

We all love getting new gadgets, but what to do with the old ones? Here are 20 clever ways to put your old Android phone or tablet to good use.

For even more Android know-how, see 12 Android tips you shouldn’t miss from 2019 and keep up with all things Android at our Android Intelligence blog.

Here’s a curated selection of some of the better iOS 13 tips for mobile warriors on the go.

A short collection our Apple blogger’s favorite iPhone tips to get things done a little quicker.

These iPad tips should help you get things done more efficiently.

Are you getting everything you can from your Apple Watch?

There’s nothing worse than running out of power when you’re trying to get somewhere or need to get work done. Here’s how to stave off that situation.

Apple’s latest mobile OS includes a variety of less well-known improvements, enhancements and features. Here are some you might not know about (yet).

Use Apple’s tools to protect your privacy on an iOS device.

Apple has made some excellent improvements to the Reminders application for Macs, iPhones and iPads, though you need to upgrade all the devices you use with the system to get the most from it.

We’ve compiled a list of Qi-enabled chargers — including the Google Pixel Stand — for wirelessly charging an iPhone or Android device.

Disappointed that Apple’s long-promised AirPower wireless multi-device charging pad never made it to market? Check out these alternatives.

Enterprise iPhone users can increase their productivity using these iOS apps, including Slack, Trello, and OmniFocus.

These should help you get more from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.

When iCloud goes wrong, follow this checklist of steps to try to make it better.

Apple’s iPhones can make sure you’ll remember to get things done when you are in the right place at the right time.

Apple’s iPad Pro has evolved into a powerful productivity solution for enterprise users. Learn what equipment and software you need in order to use it instead of a laptop when on the road.

Keep up with all things Apple at our Apple Holic blog.

Got a new Chromebook? This guide will help you navigate the ever-expanding world of Chromebook apps and figure out how to make the most of Chrome OS.

Supercharge your Chrome OS experience with these time-saving tricks and techniques.

Turn your Chromebook into a uniquely versatile modern computing machine with these Chrome-OS-enhancing apps.

Google Assistant is finally working its way into the fabric of Chrome OS, and it’s bringing with it some interesting new possibilities.

Chromebook owners, start your engines: These four features will help you focus better and work more efficiently.

Virtual desktops hold a lot of hidden value for anyone who’s serious about productivity.

Looking to speed up Chrome? Give us 10 minutes, and we’ll give you a noticeably better browsing experience.

Linux apps can expand your Chromebook’s capabilities and open up all sorts of interesting options — but first, you have to know where to begin.

Make your Chromebook even more capable with this carefully selected set of Linux apps for expanding Chrome OS’s potential as a business tool.

With a few simple tweaks, your Chromebook can become an even more connected part of your cloud-centric setup.

A handy hack for customizing your Chromebook and bringing native app-like experiences to your favorite sites and services.

Reclaim wasted time and watch your efficiency soar with this spectacularly useful cross-platform add-on.

Got a Chromebook? These two USB-C adapters will almost certainly come in handy.

For more about Chromebooks and Chrome OS, see our Chrome OS: Tips, tools, and other Chromebook intelligence page.

This collection of keyboard shortcuts for macOS can help users get the most from their iMacs, MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops.

Here’s what you should know to get the most from Apple’s latest Mac operating system.

Catalina offers new tools for Spaces, Activity Viewer, screen tinting and text zooming, among other new talents.

Here’s an introductory guide to using your voice to control your Mac once you upgrade to the latest version of macOS.

Do more with Siri on your Mac.

Apple has made some excellent improvements to the Reminders application for Macs, iPhones and iPads, though you need to upgrade all the devices you use with the system to get the most from it.

These should help you get more from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.

Most Mac users still use the Dock at least some of the time, so here are a few tips that may help you get even more out of using it.

If you use your Mac in public places, it makes sense to take precautions against theft, loss, and hacks.

The nature of cyber attacks is changing, and traditional perimeter defenses aren’t as effective as before. Your best option is anti-virus combined with other security tactics.

Here’s how to turn on AirDrop and use it to move files between an iPhone and a Mac.

Keep up with all things Apple at our Apple Holic blog.

New to Windows 10? Get to know the interface, features and shortcuts.

Sometimes good things come in free packages. From backup to productivity tools, here are the best of the best for Windows 10.

They may not get much press, but these powerful built-in Windows 10 tools can help you work smarter.

Worried about possible privacy problems in Windows 10? This story offers some quick and easy ways to protect your data.

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana can make your life easier and more efficient — if you know how to really take advantage of it.

You can get more from Windows 10 by adding these useful tools.

Want Windows 10 to run faster? Take a few minutes to try out these tips, and your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.

Find out how to defer, pause or stop Windows 10 updates entirely, how to uninstall troublesome updates, and a few other update tricks.

Microsoft’s latest OS is a lot better than its predecessor, but it still has some annoying quirks. We help you solve them.

Ransomware is running rampant these days, but there are several ways Windows 10 users and admins can protect their PCs. Here’s what to do.

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