Thursday , June 30 2022

Tonal will offer Peloton-like live classes starting in October

Tonal, which offers an at-home connected strength training machine, is adding to its library of on-demand exercise programs by introducing a Peloton-like live classes service called Tonal Live. Classes start streaming on October 20th.

During classes, coaches will give you pacing cues, feedback on your workout, and shoutouts, according to a press release. The machine’s homescreen and app are also getting a redesign that “allows for the discovery and a schedule of Live workouts, an on-demand library of past Live workouts, and the ability to preview the movements in a workout.” Tonal is also adding a “Social Zone” where users can interact.

The addition of live classes fixes a notable gap in Tonal’s offerings. Former Verge staffer Natt Garun criticized the fact that Tonal didn’t offer live classes in her January 2020 review of the machine and said that the pre-taped sessions could feel overly rehearsed or get stale over time. For Tonal users who might be bored with the currently available classes, live sessions could offer some regular variety to workouts.

Like a Peloton bike, though, a Tonal machine doesn’t come cheap — it costs $2,995 and has a monthly subscription fee.

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