Saturday , August 20 2022
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Train to Become a CompTIA Certified Cybersecurity Pro For Just $49

Cybercrime is responsible for well over a billion dollars worth of theft on an annual basis. And the damage caused by hackers is expected to rise year after year, which is why there’s always a demand for skilled professionals who know how to mitigate the risk.

That’s why we’re proud to offer The 2019 Complete CompTIA Cybersecurity Bundle, which is now discounted by 94 percent. This package offers access to four cutting edge courses that’ll introduce you to the basics of network security. You’ll then be walked through the process of analyzing a network and identifying weaknesses by testing for vulnerabilities.

And, once you’ve completed all four courses, you can then apply your skills to earn four industry respected certifications from CompTIA, which will make you far more attractive to prospective employers. The courses are delivered online so you can set your own schedule, and the content is accessible for life so you can take as long as you want to complete them.

If you want to train for a career that’s future friendly, you should take advantage of this offer. Become a skilled and credentialed professional with The 2019 Complete CompTIA Cybersecurity Bundle, marked down to just $49 for a limited time.

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