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Train to pass Cisco’s new CCNA certification test for just $39


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The current Cisco CCNA certification will be obsolete in February of this year. That means that network admins, support engineers, and other professionals may have to upgrade their training to pass the newest certification, which is what makes The Complete 2020 Cisco CCNA Certification Prep Course, at just $39, such a notable offering.

This web-based training program, presented by iCollege, is perfect for anyone who wants to pass Cisco’s new CCNA certification exam. It includes over 30 hours of content that explains newer topics such as automation, programmability, SDN, wireless, and security fundamentals. It also illustrates how to configure and manage both wired and wireless network connectivity for new internet connection models.

At the conclusion of the training, students will have the skills required to pass the new CCNA 200-301 certification exam, ensuring they’ll be well equipped to take on the industry’s most modern jobs. It’s perhaps the most flexible and hassle-free way to train for this certification without having to invest a lot of time and money on traditional classroom instruction.

Need to upgrade your CCNA certification? Take the confusion out of it — and save a boatload of cash for your trouble — with The Complete 2020 Cisco CCNA Certification Prep Course, discounted by 86 percent to $39 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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