Saturday , September 4 2021

Thank god!

Twitter finally kills annoying feature that created accidental DM groups

Remember that time when you wanted to share a tweet with two people and accidentally created a group? Yep. To share a tweet with two people, you had to share with one of them first, and repeat the process again. It was annoying.

Thankfully, the social network is fixing it with a new DM feature. The firm said last night that it’s rolling out a new feature to its iOS and Android app that lets you send a tweet to up to 20 conversations separately.

Now, you won’t have an awkward moment where you have put two unknown people in the same group.

Twitter has also rolled out some other features for direct messages. First, there’s now a quick scroll button — just like the one on Slack — that takes you to the latest messages in a conversation, so that you don’t have to scroll endlessly.

On iOS, you can now long-press on a conversation to add a reaction. You can also delete, report, and copy the message. Plus, you can still double-tap a message in a chat to add a reaction to it.

Twitter is also grouping chats by date in a conversation, so you can easily catch up to messages on a given date. Happy DMing.

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