Tuesday , July 5 2022

Twitter says it will fix disappearing tweets issue

Twitter is planning to make some changes that could prevent tweets from disappearing while you are reading them, the company said on its support account Wednesday.

Here’s what you might have run into. If you were looking at a tweet on your timeline, and at the same time someone else you follow replied to it, or the original tweeter threaded it, the app would suddenly refresh, while the tweet disappeared from view. That’s obviously not ideal, so Twitter plans to make changes over the next two months to fix the problem.

In a tweet replying to a user, Twitter put what it’s trying to fix more simply: “We want you to be able to stop and read a Tweet without it disappearing from view.”

The two-month timeline means that a fix won’t be in place immediately, though, so you might still run into the issue before Twitter makes the necessary changes. And while it’s not clear exactly what changes Twitter plans to make, the fixes could be welcome for people who have been affected by the disappearing tweets.

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