Sunday , September 5 2021
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Upgrade your desk and save 77% on this wireless charging lamp

Your lamp might as well do more than one thing.

Is desk organization your top priority or do you keep the office door locked so no one can see your secret shame? Whether you’re the type to keep everything in its right and proper place or you have everything piled up within arm’s reach, anything that serves more than one purpose on your desk is your ally. For example, you can get a lamp that also keeps your phone charged and stores your favorite pens. And even better: You can do that for just $14. 

Aduro’s wireless charging lamp gives you a flexible lamp with three brightness levels and multiple sections to store pens or pencils as you see fit. At the base, you’ll find a 10-watt wireless charger. Drop your phone on this pad while you’re at your desk and it’ll charge the whole time you’re sitting there. The default black color for this lamp is fine, but it’s also available in a nice blue or white if you’d prefer it to stand out on your desk. 

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