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Watch Steve Wozniak’s celebrity-packed 70th birthday celebration tonight at 8PM ET

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak turns 70 years old today, and you can celebrate by attending his celebrity-studded virtual birthday party that’s happening in just a few hours at 8PM ET. Today’s party also kicks off an “11 Days of Wozdom” social media contest offering Woz-autographed Apple products as prizes.

The party isn’t just an excuse to celebrate an important figure in American technology history, however. It’s also a fundraiser to support Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation (yes, as in the Grammy-nominated singer Jewel). She will be hosting tonight’s festivities, which will feature a huge number of singers, actors, comedians, and other notable celebrities. It’s a seriously impressive (and honestly, rather eclectic) mix, of which the following is just a small sample: Carlos Santana, Chris Rock, Emmylou Harris, George Takei, John Sculley, Kristi Yamaguchi, Mark Cuban, Nancy Pelosi, Rafael Nadal, Richard Branson, Shaquille O’Neal, and William Shatner.

Wozniak got his start as an engineer at HP, where he says he was turned down five times to make a personal computer. While at HP, he met Steve Jobs and went on to design Apple’s first computers, the Apple I and Apple II. Wozniak has since become a very public figure, and despite leaving Apple in 1985, he is still closely associated with the company he co-founded (and could even be found waiting outside an Apple Store for the launch of a new iPhone, just like the rest of us). He also isn’t afraid to speak out against Apple or even other technology companies.

If you want to watch Wozniak’s birthday party tonight, you can tune in on the birthday party’s website, Twitch, or Twitter, and the festivities begin at 8PM ET.

Update, 9:34PM ET: While the stream has had some technical difficulties, you can watch a replay of the whole show right here on Vimeo.

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