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Well, that’s different: Wacky tech products

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If you’re the type of person who wants to give tech gifts, but not the same old boring phone, tablet, computer, or digital camera, here are some unique gift ideas that have some cool technology behind them.

Read the entire gift guide.

Breathometer smartphone breathalyzer attachment

Price: $50

If you’re planning to attend a lot of holiday parties, or just feel like you want to check to see if you’re OK to drive, use this smartphone breathalyzer attachment and app.

Sonic Foamer

Price: $40

Using calibrated, ultrasonic vibration, the Sonic Foamer creates a better head of beer on your next pint.

iSpoon Kitchen Stylus

Price: $7

If you’re one of those cooks who brings their tablet into the kitchen with them, make sure you have this wooden spoon-shaped stylus that can also mix or taste your creations.

Brolly umbrella with finger-grips

Price: $20

If you’re out in the rain and you absolutely, positively have to send a text or email on your smartphone, you’ll want to make sure you have one of these umbrellas. The finger-grips in the handle will make sure you can hold the umbrella and phone and text at the same time.

Mega Stomp Panic Audio Reality Experience

Price: $15

While this may be better as a Halloween gift, this can be used for kids or cosplayers that want to make their costumes more realistic. This clip-on, motion-powered device makes a bunch of different sound effects (robot, zombie, 8-bit Hero) when you stomp or walk around.

FreshNeck — like Netflix for ties

Price: Starts at $20 per month

If you can rent DVDs online and have them shipped to your house, why not do it with netckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks? That’s the idea behind FreshNeck.com, which lets you rent ties, making sure that the next time you go out your neckwear isn’t about 20 years behind the fashion curve (or making you buy a $100 tie for one big occasion).

iGrow Hair Growth System

Price: $700

Using low-level light therapy, this helmet/headphone device uses red lasers and LED lights to “stimulate and energize cellular activity, causing an uptake in the natural function of the hair follicle.” Through prescription only, we’re not sure if it’s the best gift idea, but it was pitched to us for that purpose. Imagine your thinning-haired family members’ reaction if they opened this!


Price: Range from $40 to $80

Instead of giving a basket of flowers, candies, or snacks this year, give your favorite techie or geek the “UnDead unBasket” or the “Gamers Gotta Game unBasket” from this cool site. Baskets include a bunch of smaller themed gifts inside them. Definitely a conversation starter, especially the “Pickle unBasket” and the “Mac & Cheese unBasket.”

SteriShoe sanitizer

Price: $130

Giving this as a gift idea might cause you to create a new enemy, but if you have someone who really needs cleaner feet, this would fit the bill. The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer uses ultraviolet light (instead of chemicals) to kill the germs that can cause athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and shoe odor.


Price: Range depending on items purchased

Finally, if you’re sick and tired of gadgets and gizmos, head to this website, which can make you nostalgic for last century’s greatest decade: the 1980s. With unique shirts, hats, and other geeky-related items, your techie will be happy opening something that doesn’t have a power switch or instruction manual.

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