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Your Xbox Series X’s dashboard can now display in native 4K

Microsoft’s October update for the Xbox Series X includes the long-awaited jump to a native 4K resolution dashboard. Previously, the system software upscaled 1080p to 4K, by which enthusiasts, including several people who work for The Verge, were not totally satisfied.

The improved picture quality extends across the home dashboard on the Series X (but not the Series S), as well as the My Games & Apps screen, the Xbox Guide, and “many other experiences.” Microsoft says that game art and button prompts will have “increased sharpness and improved text readability.” Microsoft provided an image for comparison, shown below, and the difference is clear.

Now, you can endlessly stare at the TV in true 4K wondering what to play or watch while time slips you by.

Microsoft Xbox Series X interface

The new 4K dashboard on Series X will bring a more crisp interface, among other elements.
Image: Microsoft

The October update is adding some other quality-of-life features to both the Series X and Series S, including a new night mode that lets you adjust the hue of your display to your liking, perhaps to make it easier on the eyes when the lights get low, or if you have a sensitivity to bright screens. Microsoft says that its night mode settings work across the Xbox on a system level, including on apps and games, but it does not impact performance, nor will your preferences affect how your screenshots or game clips look. Also, you can set a schedule for when you’d like the feature to turn on and off, or set it to the sunrise and sunset cadence.

Microsoft Xbox Series X interface

You can adjust the brightness, as well as the amount of blue light on display.
Image: Microsoft

Relatedly, there are new accessibility features that let you customize the brightness of the light in the middle of your Xbox wireless controller, as well as the light that illuminates on your console.

Lastly, Microsoft is adding the Quick Settings menu to the Xbox Guide window that appears when you press the Xbox button on your controller. The company says it will allow you to “quickly toggle accessibility features without leaving your game or app.”

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